I have worked in writing- and literature-related fields for over a decade, with most of my experience centered in academic writing. I am also, however, a voracious and omnivorous reader of both fiction and non-fiction, and specialize in editing fantasy of all types and settings as well as tutoring college-level writing students; contact me for help with wordsmithing needs ranging from proofreading to writer coaching. If your needs are not covered by the options listed below, or if you’re not sure what you need, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Note that the listed prices are estimates, not hard and fast fees, since individual projects differ in their needs. For an accurate prediction of the cost for your project along with timeline for completion, please contact me. I am willing to work out a payment plan of some type if the usual lump sums system (20% deposit to reserve a spot, 50% at the beginning of the project, 30% upon receipt of completed work) does not work for you.

Writer Coaching (takes place any time during the writing process)

What is it? Feedback on writing still in process; we can communicate through e-mail, Skype, or even meet in person if geographically possible, and I will help you work on translating your story, setting, and characters from your head to the page. This can also include tutoring in writing fundamentals like narrative/argument flow, organization, and character development.
Charge: $40/hour; consistent weekly or monthly meeting/submission times preferred.

Developmental Editing (early in the project, after an initial rough draft)

What is it? A read-through of a manuscript draft that considers flow and consistency in the narrative/argument, characters, style, and similar areas. Recommendations for revision are made to the writer, who will implement those revisions themselves. This should happen at an earlier drafting stage, and therefore language mechanics will not be marked unless they’re causing consistent trouble with clarity.
Charge: Approximately $50/hour; please contact me for an estimate for your project

Substantive Editing (after initial draft, absent a need for developmental editing)

What is it? Checking a fully drafted but not formatted manuscript for style, clarity, and for flow on all levels (sentence, paragraph, chapter, etc.). A substantive edit involves looking at the same elements as a developmental edit, but usually recommends changes more focused on style and voice. With a substantive edit, I may also make more specific recommendations about how to re-word and re-write particular passages.
Charge: Approximately $10/page or $50 per hour

Copyediting (after at least one full draft and beta-readers)

What is it? Checking a manuscript for grammar, usage, and formatting elements as well as clarity and style. For fiction, this also includes checking for consistency of character, setting, and timeline throughout the manuscript. Recommended changes will be on the sentence or perhaps paragraph level, but not include larger-scale revisions to plot or other major elements, so the manuscript needs to basically be in its final form before having a copyedit.
Charge: Approximately $3/page or $40/hour

Proofreading (final stage edit just before publication)

What is it? Going through the publication-formatted document marking and correcting formatting, typographical, and language mechanics errors. Proofreading is usually the very last thing that happens before a text is published; I am happy to discuss including a proofreading run as part of a package deal along with a substantive edit or copyedit. If my assessment of your manuscript indicates that it is in need of more in-depth editing for style and flow, which are not part of proofreading, I will likely recommend a different service.
Charge: Approximately $2.50/page or $37.50/hour