The Road Goes Ever On and On

I have spent my entire career in academia so far, and while I would be perfectly happy to continue in an education-focused career, I am definitely open to change and a shift into other industries; I’m particularly interested in linking up with a tech company of some kind. My skills are pretty widely applicable: I am an excellent listener who can also can write well, speak effectively, and who is not easily intimidated. Coming from a teaching position at a for-profit university, I have long experience as the main company “face” for clients; my ability to keep clients satisfied even in the face of disappointment is well-developed. The instructional design aspect of my experience has honed my problem-solving skills, and I work well alone and in collaboration with others.

I am looking for work that requires the same kind of constant critical engagement, analysis, and research that I use in my current position. A position that requires creative problem-solving, writing and editing, and a consistent oscillation between independent and collaborative work would be lovely. I am determined that my work will challenge me, and require me to continue learning; work gets boring when it’s too easy.

I would like to find a position that gives me more frequent opportunities to explore the technology I already use, and to learn new tech, as well as new fields beyond the history, literature, music, and writing in which I’m already trained. I would like to work with innovative, creative people, and maybe even travel a little now and then. The perfect position is out there somewhere; if you think you have it, get in touch–I’m looking forward to finding my next stop in my journey!