Down the winding path

Though I’ve spent most of my life in academia, I don’t see myself teaching until retirement, and I’m considering a range of new career tracks from full time independent editor, to instructional designer, to writer. Where I’ll land isn’t yet clear, but I know that it will be work that requires:

  • critical thinking
  • research
  • analysis
  • writing and editing
  • approaching problems creatively
  • working both independently and collaborating with a team

I hope it will also require:

  • more frequent opportunities to use multimedia software
  • the time to learn new technology
  • using and improving the languages I already know (French and German and a little Swedish), as well as learning a few more
  • learning new fields beyond the history, literature, music, and writing in which I’m already trained
  • a little travel now and then
  • working with innovative, creative people