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The basics

I’m a just-barely Gen-Xer who currently works in academia and editing, with occasional music gigs on the side.

I enjoy detail-oriented work that lets me really immerse myself in a project.

I like work that changes up–having a different project every week or two, unfamiliar information and ideas, and new fields to learn about tends to keep me at the top of my game.

Challenges are fun to me, so long as they’re accompanied by clear and achievable parameters and goals.

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What I do

I currently work full time as a professor of English literature, which means that I spend most of my time teaching college students writing, critical thinking, and argument. It’s an important area of teaching, as my main goal is to get students to regard everything with a critical eye, to ask questions, and to learn how to build strong logic-driven arguments, but it sometimes feels like swimming against the current of sensationalism and pathos-appeals that are the hallmark of our media environment.

I do not get to do much work in my specialist fields of medieval studies and medievalism (the study of how later eras reinvent the medieval; my main area of interest is in video games with “medieval” settings) right now, but I dive back into that field when I can, and manage to attend a conference every few years.

My editorial work covers a wide range from academic texts to historical fantasy novels, and gives me the opportunity to indulge my tendency to be an intellectual dilettante. I love learning, and enjoy reading and learning about a huge range of topics from politics to food to the seamy underbelly of society, so I’m willing to take on just about any sort of editing project intended for a general readership. Adapting to different style requirements is something I do with ease after fifteen years teaching composition courses. If you’re interested in my editorial services, please head over to my editing website, A Careful Reader.

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