Right Now

I currently work in a hybrid faculty-instructional designer position with a for-profit university, and have 16 years’ experience designing and teaching courses at the college level. I have the research and analytical skills of an R1 PhD (though not the finished dissertation), and strong, adaptable editorial skills. Because most of my teaching career has been focused on teaching composition, I am also extremely skilled at asking the right questions to help others find the answers and solutions they need, even when they originally thought they wanted something else.

As an educator, e-learning specialist, and instructional designer, I have 15 years teaching at the college level (non-profit and for-profit); 8 of those were focused on teaching mostly adults in career transition. I have developed creative teaching strategies that account for both learner and instructor needs, and my use of multimedia elements doesn’t just replicate in-class experiences, but instead adds depth to the learning experience. I have training in and experience working with and design learning experiences for learners from a huge range of backgrounds.

I have been working remotely for the past 8 years; this has resulted in strong organizational skills that keep me on task and on time. My current employer does not make use of many remote project-management programs (we have Adobe Connect meetings, but that’s it), but I adapt quickly to new software.

Click here for my current resume (PDF).

Interested in learning more? Take a look through my skills, career aspirations, and portfolio of instructional design work.