The Things I Do

I’m an educator with 15 years’ experience designing and teaching courses at the college level. I have the research and analytical skills of an R1 PhD (though not the finished dissertation), and strong, adaptable editorial skills. Because most of my teaching career has been focused on teaching composition, I am also extremely skilled at asking the right questions to help others find the answers and solutions they need, even when they originally thought they wanted something else.

  • 15 years teaching at the college level; 8 of those spent teaching mostly adults in career transition
  • Creative teaching strategies for any topic that account for learner and instructor needs
  • Multimedia use that doesn’t just replicate in-class experiences; interest in interactive lessons and gamification
  • Skilled at connecting with and designing learning experiences for a wide range of people
e-Learning Specialist
  • Understanding of a range of learning theories and instructional design models
  • 15 years designing courses in non-profit and for-profit education
  • Adept at shifting back and forth between details and the big picture
  • Strong open-web and deep-web research skills
  • Able to assess performance and function without becoming too wedded to any one approach
  • 8 years’ experience working remotely
  • Excellent proofreading and copyediting skills
  • Deft ability to polish up others’ writing without losing their voice
  • Sympathetic and unobtrusive feedback

My current resume (PDF).