At this point, I have spent my entire career in academia. While I have found teaching to be a rewarding career in many ways, the changes occurring in education are making a teaching career less attractive in the long term. I am particularly interested in transitioning to a position that uses my wide range of skills, but that has room for movement and change; I like having a somewhat predictable routine, but when that routine becomes too rigid, my ability to stay engaged suffers. Having variation and movement is welcome and keeps me from becoming habit-bound. A company that has room for change in individual roles and duties would fit well with my love of learning new information and skills.

Because my skills are so widely useful, I’m open to taking on a position in almost any industry (though I am particularly interested in fields that intersect with my own personal interests such as gaming, local food, and education). I would love to make a shift into project management in the tech sector, and have been working to improve my project management knowledge and skills, as well as increase my knowledge of programming languages and IT/programming processes. My one stipulation for a new position is that I am not willing to relocate; I love my current city and community, and I do not want to leave the Eugene area.

Interested in learning more? Take a look through my skills, current work, and instructional design portfolio.