Instructional Materials

Sample Instructional Materials

The lesson materials here are all fully of my own creation, images and text, except as noted within the lessons themselves. The storyboard uses a PowerPoint template based on Praveena Mitran’s “Visual Storyboard 5” available through The eLearning Coach website.

Item 1: Chapters from Research, Analysis, and Writing

I was the author of Chs. 1 and 5 of Research, Analysis, and Writing, which has been used in a required interdisciplinary research and writing course since 2012. Text and visuals are all my own work, except as noted through citations.

Item 2: Screenshots of a lesson created for my current position

This PDF contains screenshots of a full text-based plagiarism and citation lesson. It was created for my current employer’s classrooms: HeckelN_SampleLesson

I used this lesson in multiple college-level writing and literature courses; it is meant to be flexible and applicable to any course that uses MLA format. It can easily be modified to demonstrate APA, Chicago, or other citation styles as well.

Item 3: Interactive lesson 

I converted this section of the plagiarism and citation into an interactive lesson in Storyline360, and then put it in video form for easy display here:


I am in the process of converting the entire lesson to a series of Storyline360 interactive lessons; storyboards for that lesson are available upon request.

Item 4: Storyboard in PDF form

This storyboard PDF is for an introductory lesson on Toulmin argument: HeckelN_ToulminArgumentStoryboard

This lesson “bite” is one part of a larger series that introduces first- and second-year college students to the process of creating Toulmin arguments for both everyday situations and more formal contexts like work and school.

Item 5: PowerPoint-based video

The final item is a short Flash video I created using a PowerPoint presentation; it is basic, but has proven to help students. It explains the concept of voicing, and is aimed at first- and second-year college students.




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