The lesson materials here are all fully of my own creation, images and text, except as noted within the lessons themselves. The storyboard uses a PowerPoint template based on Praveena Mitran’s “Visual Storyboard 5” available through The eLearning Coach website.

Item 1: Screenshots of a lesson created for my current position

This PDF contains screenshots of a full text-based plagiarism and citation lesson. It was created for my current employer’s classrooms, which is why the interactivity is somewhat limited: HeckelN_SampleLesson

I used this lesson in multiple college-level writing and literature courses; it is meant to be flexible and applicable to any course that uses MLA format. It can easily be modified to demonstrate APA, Chicago, or other citation styles as well.

Item 2: Interactive lesson 

I converted this section of the plagiarism and citation into an interactive lesson in Storyline360, and then put it in video form for easy display here. This is not used in classrooms in my current workplace due to limitations imposed on course designers there:


I am in the process of converting the entire lesson to a series of Storyline360 interactive lessons; storyboards for that lesson are available upon request.

Item 3: Storyboard in PDF form

This storyboard PDF is for an introductory lesson on Toulmin argument: HeckelN_ToulminArgumentStoryboard

This lesson “bite” is one part of a larger series that introduces first- and second-year college students to the process of creating Toulmin arguments for both everyday situations and more formal contexts like work and school.

Item 4: PowerPoint-based video

The final item is a short Flash video I created using a PowerPoint presentation. It explains the concept of voicing, and is aimed at first- and second-year college students. I have used it in a variety of writing and composition courses with my current employer.




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copyright N. M. Heckel, 2018